Sign Up 2022

Sportmonda Bowl VIII will take place on May 14th and 15th 2022 in wonderful Copenhagen.

Except for Women’s division, sign up is closed.

We will host a women, an elite and a leisure/mix team division.

Sign up fee: DKK 750 or EUR 100.

The simple two step way to sign up:
1.) Send a sign up e-mail to, including the following information:
– Team name
– Division
– Contact person
– Contact information

2.) Transfer sign up fee.
– Mobile Pay to 51 54 99 52 for Danish teams
– Bank transfer to swift code: LOSADKKK, IBAN: DK7904004027382733 (All fee’s should be covered by the sender)

Sign up won’t be complete until we have received the payment.

Wanderers (DE)Royals (DK)Wanderers (DE)
Smoke (UK)Flash (UK)Molosses (FR)
Buttonhookers (UK)Hookers (DK)Jets (SE)
Armadillos (DK)Næbdyr (DK)Sharks (ES)
Juggernautes (FR) Sharks (UK)Indians (FI)
65ers (IT)Hitches and Goes (UK)Saints (SE)
Rebels (DK) Sharks (ES)Bears (CH)
Kalikakou (FR)Sharks (DK)Israel (IS)
Spatzen (DE)Saints (SE)
Industriales (ES)Golden Wasps (SE)
86ers (SE)Frogs (DK)
Blackbirds (CH) Scumbags (DK)
Trinity (IE)Saviours (SE)
92i (FR)Bulldozer (DE)
Curry Bombers (FJ/US) Marvel (SE)
Eagles (IE) Sharks (SE)
Cougars (DE)
Blackhawks (UK)
Badgers (DK)