Rules and Information

Tournament Rules

Sportmonda Bowl X will use IFAF Rules, with a few changes to suit the tournament format:

Sportmonda Bowl rules:
– Home team will start with the football.
– Match lenght: 2×15 minutes running time, with a final play after the final whistle in each half.
– Ties are allowed in group matches.
– Ties in Play off will be decided by a “2-point Shoot Out”. First team to score, without conceding is the winner.
– All offensive penalties will be loss of down.
– All penalties can be found on the “Officiating Cheat Sheet” below.

CoEd additional rules:
– At least 2 female players on the field (5 yard basic spot & LoD if on offense. If a team does it 3 times in a game, then the game is lost)
– Scoring with a female player either as runner, receiver, returner or throwing a legal forward pass play (pass crossing LoS in the air) gives 1 additional point:

Touchdowns: 7 points
XP from 5 yard: 2 points
XP from 10 yard: 3 points

– A female player forcing a safety is still worth 2 points.
– A female player throwing a pass to a male player first touched behind LoS, which turns into a touchdown is worth 6 points

1: Points (2 for win, 1 for draw)
2: Largest Point differential
3: Head to Head
4: Most Points scored
5: Wins
6: Best Result vs. strongest mutual opponent
7a: “Shoot Out” from 10-yard line after the group play has ended. (Each team get a try from opponent’s 10-yard line. First team to score, without conceding is the winner.)
7b: If 3 or more teams it will be a draw instead

Officiating Cheat Sheet

The participating teams will officiate accompanied by non-playing officials. (Few exceptions might accure).

Please bring whistles, flags and other equipment.

Map of general facility

Martin Svane memorial Field
At: Valby Idrætspark
Julius Andersen Vej 1
2450 Copenhagen SV

Code of Conduct
All teams will receive garbagebags, please help us keep the tournament area as clean as possible. Bottles and cans from soda and beer needs to be sorted from other waste. If you cannot dispose of them yourself, then please hand them over to the tournament officials.

Public Transportation
Multiple trains and busses goes to and from the field. You can make your own travelplan on googlemaps or on

Closest trainstation: København Syd / Copenhagen South.