History and results

Back in 2014 the Swedish national team came to Copenhagen to play some practice matches against some local teams. It turned out to be a great success.

Martin Andersen the guy behind the practices matches decided to Invite the Swedish team back a year later, but this time to play a tournament against Danish sides.

Sportmonda (Customsport at that point) agreed to be naming sponsor of the tournament, this collaboration is still going on today.

Copenhagen Fusion (Now SGD) won the first version.

The tournament has since grown to the largest in Scandinavia with both a Leisure and an Elite Division, the last one being one of the most competitive in Europe, with multiple Big Bowl and Champions Bowl Winners.



Year Winner Runner-up MVP
2022Armadillos (DK) (5)Buttonhookers (UK)Frederik Ermler (Armadillos)
2021Armadillos (DK) (4)The Spaniards (ES)Frederik Ermler (Armadillos)
2020Wanderers (DE)Armadillos (DK)Benjamin Klever (Wanderers)
2019Armadillos (DK) (3)SGD (DK)Niklas Dyrby (Armadillos)
2018 Armadillos (DK) (2) Wanderers (DE) Frederik Ermler (Armadillos)
2017 Barbarians (DK) Armadillos (DK) Daniel Madsen (Barbarians)
2016 Armadillos (DK) Rebels (DK) Sebastian Qvist (Armadillos)
2015 Fusion (DK) Armadillos (DK) Jonas Bo Hansen (Fusion)


Year Winner Runner-up MVP
2022Badgers (DK)Saints (SE)Jonas Fog (Badgers)
2021Marvels (SE)Scumbags (DK)Filip Ebers (Marvels)
2020Royals (DK)Foxes (DK)Joachim Nielsen (Royals)
2019 VFK (DK) (2) Tomahawks (DK)Christoffer Bechgård (VFK)
2018 Foxes (DK) Frogs (DK) Jakob Kossek (Foxes)
2017 VFK (DK) Scumbags (DK) Kasper Martlev (VFK)


2022Sharks (ES)Israel (IL)Ana Deus Soares (Sharks)
2021Dolphins (ES)Amazing Amazones (AT)Violeta Oliver (Dolphins)

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